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User Research & Testing

Glassbiller: User Research & Testing
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Revionics: User Research & Testing
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Techside User Research & Testing
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Feature Design

Glassbiller: Kanban and Map
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Cast & Crew: Invoicing Templates
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Techside: Improved Job Workflow
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Application Design

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Water Survey Tablet App
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City of Chicago - SCSP
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Google Cloud Partner Careers
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My Illustrations

Nice to meet you.

I'm Lydia - Designer by day, gamer by night.

Welcome to my little corner! I've been a product designer for 6 years, originally trained in enterprise design. I'm often client facing, working side-by-side with stakeholders to create something meaningful, efficient, and modern. Everything from User Research to final prototypes are in my skillset.

More than anything, I believe in the power of design - and believe we have a moral responsibility to create ethical designs for the world. If people and the planet benefit, then we're on the right track.

I like normal people things too. In my free time I'm searching for the best boba, adventuring with my corgi, or playing video games. You can catch me on all kinds of genres: Shooters (Apex, Valorant), Tactics (TFT), Simulation (Sims, Civ, Crusader Kings), Survival, or RPGs. Always happy to talk about games!

Lydia Chamberlain

UI/UX Designer at SADA
What I can do

My Expertise

User-centric Methodologies

At the forefront of everything: People come first. My clients visions, goals, and those of their end-users are number 1 priority when tackling design. I rely heavily on user-validated metrics to make sure we're solving the right problems.

Information Architecture

Data Hierarchy can make or break an experience. I think deeply about the content we're serving, and how we're serving it. Visibility, discoverability, and accessibility

User Interface Design

From research to execution. I'm trained to convert user experience into tangible, hi-fidelity designs ready for development hand-off. With a background in fine-arts, I can replicate and innovate whatever style is necessary.

... a sprinkle of this and that!

Complex backgrounds mean an interesting perspective. Coming from the world of fine arts, 3d modeling, video, and a sprinkle of coding - I feel my bountiful foray into a variety of disciplines has set me up for an open mind when it comes to designing digital products.


Customers & Clients

Design Resources for the Community

MDB (Master Design Blog ) is a passion project alongside my peer Zander Georges. Together, we aim to bring meaningful, resourceful content to new and veteran designers everywhere.

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