Google Cloud Partner Careers

Google Cloud Partner Careers (or GCPC for short) was a lovechild project between SADA, Appsbrokers, and Google. Talent that didn't quite make it through the Google interview process was considered an unfortunate loss. Because of the robust Partner ecosystem that already exists around Google, SADA and Appsbroker brainstormed how this talent could be recovered. GCPC is a job platform only for Google Partners.


The Team

1 UX Designer (me)
1 Project Manager
Dev Team

My Role

Full design ownership. There was minimal time + budget for a first wave of in-depth research, so I did my own research in conjunction with stakeholder needs and wants. Branding was started by me and then enhanced by designers who took on this project after this phase. Final Interface design as archived in this page is by me.

The Problem

Talent is being lost from the ecosystem if they don't make it through Google's hiring process. What product can be made to benefit both applicants and Google Partners?

The Solution

Create a Partner-dedicated job posting platform for talent that is looking for opportunity within the Google ecosystem.

The Design

While I am not able to discuss much of the business context of Partner Careers, I can show you a glimpse into the design that went into a job-finding platform such as this. The main function of the job board was to be accessible to those who may not have made it through Google's hiring process, and thus funneled to appropriate partners. This was supposed to bring more opportunity to prospective candidates that may not have been a right fit. This is NOT a Google product, but was made under their purview and to their standards.

There are two main users of this application: The applicant, and the Partners. Partners could manage and upload their job posts to this portal, which applicants would gain special access to. The typical major features were included:

  1. A personal profile for the applicant
  2. Search
  3. Job Alerts
  4. Link out to Company Sites

This first iteration was MVP and thus set the foundation for expanding upon this portal in the future.

What's Next?

GCPC is launched for certain Google Partners, and is continuing development in another team. GCPC may have changed since this time, and is no longer in my ownership - thus this version of GCPC is archived.