Anesthesia Connect (Known as AConnect) is a new app aimed to help Anesthesiologists and Nurse Anesthetists more efficiently book cases with Healthcare Facilities.


The Team

1 UX Designer (me)
2 Project Managers
Dev Team

My Role

Full design ownership beginning with user research all the way through branding and final interface design.

The Problem

Anesthesiologists and Facilities have a manual, redundant, and lengthy workflow for working together and booking cases.

The Research

Other Competitors

Before we jumped into talking to users, we wanted to understand what the current market was like. The field of anesthesia specifically didn’t have a lot of modern resources to facilitate scheduling with facilities. Instead, we had to look towards other verticals within the health industry to see how they were solving this problem.

I looked at Medely, Cerebro, Blue Shield, Humanity, IntelyCare, Upwork, and Zocdoc to understand more about healthcare related apps. Although these apps are targeting a different function of the industry, they each had similarities in their structure and focus that would aid in my discovery for AConnect.

For each app, I looked into

  • Their major use case
  • Common affiliates
  • User Types
  • Major features
  • Popularity and usage
  • Monetization methods
  • Help and Support functionality

What we discovered…

We talked to 6 people within the field to understand the entire process: 2 Anesthesiologists, 1 Healthcare Center Scheduler, 1 Billing Coordinator,  1 CRNA, and the Stakeholder: an Anesthesiologist Group Leader. In addition we scope the competitive landscape. The Stakeholder had 1 major competitor in mind, and even then the landscape was sparse. It was a beautiful niche with an open opportunity ahead of us!

- Few apps were targeted at healthcare professionals to assist in scheduling and booking work.

- There are a variety of ways to monetize/fund apps of this kind - freelance apps such as upwork for example charge the user based on how much they made for a project.

- Schedule focused apps integrated with personal phone calendars, giving users more options to plan as they like.

- Only 1-2 apps utilized location services to help find work nearby.

Clock in, clock out.

The way work-based apps measured shift or work times varied greatly. For Nurse contract apps, knowing the exact time of the shift was important for calculating how much they’d make.

So what’s the delta?

Interviews are an incredibly key process in uncovering opportunities for the project, and overall gaining better context around the problems at hand. Providers can work either as freelancers or in a group, which means a variety of pain points for different users. For Schedulers, booking last-minute cases was a high priority.

Anesthesiologists (Group or Independent)

The major themes we noticed were a lack of modern technical solutions to help find work for anesthesiologists.

Currently, a huge amount of networking is involved to either find groups or find facilities. And, because there is a lengthy sign-up process to work with a facility, Anesthesiologists would often work with the same number of facilities for a long period of time.


In older facilities, outdated or aged software is being used for scheduling. Although robust, it doesn't match up to present day standards.

The biggest pain point is finding Anesthesiologists last minute for cases that pop up due to unexpected circumstances. They usually rely on their network of doctors, but if that is unable to happen, it can be difficult finding freelancers on time.

Billing Expert

Handles the actual billing involved for cases of these kinds. Works with a large number of groups, and handles the legal payment portion of a case.

Mapping it out

User Flows

How will a user sign up? How do they manage their schedule? And, how do they book or register cases? These were the main workflows we tackled for MVP.

How it all comes together

The Provider Experience

Book cases nearest to you

As a provider, you can search and apply for cases in your area, after registering with a facility. Book at your leisure - Facilities will view all requests and select a doctor based on their needs.

Manage your work - in app

Providers can also keep track of all cases that are pending and booked. See all the necessary details, down to the case requirements that you viewed when you requesting the case.

Never miss a message

It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to launch a business. Maybe you want to turn a hobby into something more. Or maybe you have a creative project to share with the world. Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.

The Facility Experience

Manage your cases in-app

As a provider, you can search and apply for cases in your area, after registering with a facility. Book at your leisure - Facilities will view all requests and select a doctor based on their needs.

Find and manage providers

As a facility, you can manage all the doctors who regularly work at your facility. Check out their most recent profile information, certifications, and cases they've worked on with you.

Validating the design

We interviewed 4 Participants from 3 different facilities, testing 3 specific workflows on the web app prototype. We conducted these interviews onsite, and observed the users while we asked them to complete steps. They were asked to vocalize as much of their thinking as possible, including thoughts, comments, frustrations, etc.

Workflows we validated:

  • Validate Schedule functionality
  • Validate Doctor search
  • Validate Account Settings
  • Validate Sign Up

Our findings

- The structure of the site was straightforward to use. Users used vocabulary such as Smooth, simple, self-explanatory, and easy.

- 3 Users attempted to click on AC logo to find account settings. This was observed, not vocalized by users.

- 3 Users searched for cases by Doctor name. Other search methods include patient DOB, patient name, or surgeon name.

- All 4 users were confused what “Procedure Type” and “Case Name” meant during the “Case Creation Workflow”

- 3 users fiddled with refreshing the search page during the search workflow.

- All 4 users were confused at the Profile portion of the Sign Up workflow. They wondered if it was for their profile vs. the facility’s profile.

These findings helped us make improvements to the app - valuable data we wouldn’t have known on our own.

Next Steps

While Aconnect has launched its first iteration, I would love so much to be able to work on future improvements for the application. The first rollout will gather important findings on how people will really use the app. I wish the best of luck to Aconnect and its future!