Game Jam: 

Pray to RNGesus

Our submitted entry to the GameMaker's Toolkit Jam 2022! 


Table of Contents

Graphic, panels, and layout made by me. Art made by the artists.


Jam Info

The GMTK 2022 Jam happened over 48 hours, with indie game creators all over the world submitting for recognition! The theme this year was "Roll the Dice", which can be interpreted however your team sees fit.

Our Entry

In Pray to RNGesus, you play as the titular RNGesus, presiding over the dice rolls of the players in a fantasy RPG campaign. Will you save them with high rolls, condemn them to bad luck, or remain impartial and simply let the dice fall where they may?

My Role

During this game jam I created all the UI assets seen on this page and within the game, and heavily assisted with layout design (how each scene is presented). Any UI elements and mock-ups (thumbnails, banners) were created by me. Any ART (characters) were made by the wonderful artists on our team!

I will mostly be showcasing the UI elements I created + layouts I created for the jam. Feel free to play the actual game at the link above!


After deciding on game direction, I came up with multiple ways this interface could be presented. I knew I wanted a fantasy aesthetic, and that the artists would be creating 2D art - so in the end, a vector-based UI. I did try my hand at a hand-drawn style!

Many didn't make the cut, but I'll forever be partial to this fantasy style which seems to hail directly from 2003 with its gaudy, shiny linings:

It couldn't be more shiny!

Final Designs (Mockups)

For the final designs, I focused on a paper-esque approach, since we wanted the story to feel like you were opening the RNG gospel. Many of the elements weren't made in time to make that story happen, but we pushed ahead to implement UI with that theme!

Mockup of potential scene layout

Dice win conditions

Design System

Although many UI elements were not used in the final game, you can see them below. All designs below were created by me in Figma from scratch, utilizing some royalty free paper textures for extra depth.


Dialogue Boxes & Nameplates

Pause Menu

Marketing Graphics

For our page, I created some external graphics utilizing both my vector UI assets and the artist's final drawings.

Click on the image below to view all images!


Art & Graphics
Other Roles